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Personalized Learning

What is Personalized Learning?

Vista Unified's personal learning path is a student-centered collaborative journey aligned to core curriculum standards.  It builds on each student's strengths, interests, and values.  Personal Learning takes place in a flexible environment, with a 2-way feedback cycle to maximize students' academic achievement, behavioral growth, and drive to become stewards of their own learning.  Vista Unified focuses our work on 5 key components of Personal Learning - the student's Personal Learning Path, Learning Environments, Competency-Based evaluation, Student Profiles, and Technology Infrastructure.  


At Lake, we are entering our second year of taking on the Personalized Learning challenge.  We have begun by taking a closer look at each student's learning path and becoming more conscious of student's strengths, interests, and values.  In 2016-2017, we set our goals as a school toward giving students greater voice and choice in their learning.  We also utilized tools like Thrively in 2nd-5th grades to get greater insight into student strengths and to help students see their own unique worth and potential.  In 2017-2018, we will continue this work and delve deeper into designing more meaningful learning experiences for students.  


Curriculum 2018-19

At Lake, our teachers collaborate with each other to design meaningful units of study.  These units integrate standards in English-Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).  In addition to the rich learning that happens in their regular classrooms, all students also get to participate in enrichment classes through the wheel including art, music, STEM, and the digital arts.  Our goal is to develop each child's unique strengths and broaden their experiences.  We believe that each child deserves to thrive and have access to both core learning and enrichment courses that help them achieve their potential.  


All students are able to participate in all of these courses, irrespective of their protected group status.  

Inspire: Focus on students strengths, interests and values.

Create:  Students collaborate with the world around them and the greater community.

Achieve: Students meet high expectations.